How to Determine the True Value of a Stock – [Rich Dad's StockCast]

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38 thoughts on “How to Determine the True Value of a Stock – [Rich Dad's StockCast]

  1. Key Points/what to do:
    – Be careful to bet the opposite direction when the entire market turns on you.
    – Himdsight is 20/20. All the “I should have, could have” will turn into experience to help better your trading in the future.
    – When consolidation takes too long, the market might be hesitating to move in the same direction.
    – Understand your weakness in trading and protect your downside accordingly.
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  2. You save yourself some regrets when you move with trends, the flux nature of market presents new features, online trading opportunities, financial swings with sudden surprises all and around every corner. Obviously, the best thing to do is to stay in shape and don’t let anything catch you on the wrong foot.

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  4. This channel RDPD is probably the most valuable channel to watch. I don’t believe that’s even debatable after listening to everything from meditation videos, fart noise videos to financial education videos. Id like to recommend everyone in the world to tune in but I feel like I’d be giving away the most important secrets a person can know. Please keep doing your part and forever stay free and i will do my part in replacing traditional teachings with whats taught on this channel. To anyone willing to listen to me. Infinite Mahalo’s!

  5. Just finished “Unstoppable Prosperity” and started “The Intelligent Investor.”
    Learning lots of common sense things about investing. Enjoying seeing some videos about stocks and the market. Lots to learn for sure.

  6. I loved the video. It will be great if you guys make a video on how to read a Ballance sheet and what to look for. Maybe just the most important points. I would really appreciate that. Thanks

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